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i'm on new ADHD meds and they're actually working?! i can finally crank out art again! i'm working on finishing the trash animals piece i've put off for... well, years... and i'm also starting a cake themed animal series.

i also made some amazing food this month. the images above are chicken katsu with rice, and pork udon.
went to a wedding in california this month, for my sister in law and her now wife!

i have also been working on a new isometric piece. it will have a transition animation between outside and inside- fun stuff!
this month, i've been struck with extreme fatigue due to hormonal imbalance issues 😭 i feel like i'm going to fall asleep at any moment all day... it's a lot.

i've also been obsessed with watching weekly dungeon meshi under the kotatsu, with delicious homemade japanese meals for me and my family. such cozy times, it's a shame we'll have to put away the blanket soon, now that it's becoming warmer! here's some of the meals in question from this month.
valentine's day is me & my husband's anniversary. btw, do not get married on valentine's. absolutely terrible decision on our part... we go out to eat and all our favorite restaurants are reservation only! we always celebrate the weekend of instead. it will be year 9 for us this year. next year, for the big #10, we're thinking of changing our date with a mini ceremony to escape valentine's hell.

i got an urge to draw borzois this month after being inspired by the new SIAMES music video. seriously can't get enough of the artistry and cult vibe. the boizoi's are not quite done yet, but the sketches are above!
first post! this will be my digital journal/sketchbook where i post thoughts and share sketches. i wanted a leisurely corner of the internet where i can unwind and update you, as recently social media stresses me out. i'll be doing a format where i add the month, then fill out the month with 1-4 paragraphs whever i feel i have something to say.

i finished my kotatsu i've been building with my dad! it was a huuuge project but we finally got it done and i ADORE it. coziest single item in existence

i also made a top 10 waifu list during discord shenanigans this month. click the image above to behold!